10 Best BuddyPress Themes for Community Websites

Find out the ultimate collection of 10 (+1) best BuddyPress themes on the web to build a perfectly designed social network on your WordPress site.

BuddyPress is an amazing WordPress plugin that lets your simple WordPress site bring to the next level. By using this powerful plugin with a good BuddyPress theme, you can add many features that you usually see on many social networking sites. You can do following things with the BuddyPress plugin-

Best WordPress Blog Themes

This is the ultimate selection of the 10 best clean, fresh and high quality themes for self hosted WordPress blogs.

There are more than enough themes for WordPress blog has been created. You can download and use tons of free themes from the WordPress themes repository. But yet, you should use a high quality theme with great designs, features and long time support if you are serious about blogging and concerned about the wellbeing of your blog. A premium theme also gives your blog a professional look and shows your authenticity.When choosing a theme for your blog, make sure that the same theme is not used by many other bloggers and you must be able to customize it with your own brand colors, images and your blog's logo.

Best WordPress Magazine Themes for 2014

This is the best collection of WordPress Magazine Themes for creating online magazine and news sites.

Nowadays, magazine themes became very popular on the web and many sites started using magazine style layouts and even the latest release of WordPress includes a magazine style theme as the default theme. There are many free WordPress magazine themes available on the web. Some of them are very nice and high quality. You can use them if you are on a slim budget. But it is recommended that you use a high quality premium theme so that you can get all the great functionality and lifetime support. And it will not cost much money to buy a premium WordPress magazine theme.

Best Simple Blogger Templates-Free & Minimalist

This is the ultimate collection of the best minimalist and simple templates for blogger.

All of these blogspot templates are completely free and you can use them on unlimited number of blogs. Some or all of these templates  may require an attribution link on the footer section of your blog. So please read the appropriate documentation before using any of the free blogger templates and don’t remove the footer link.

Best Flat WordPress Themes with Responsive design

This is the ultimate collection of  responsive Flat WordPress themes for 2014.

Flat designs on website makes it look very decent and fresh. A neat and clean design of a website is the key to gain trust from your visitors. You need to make your highly usable as well as making it extremely simple. You will also want to remove all the clutters as much as you can. Too many distractive features and colors can negatively affect the overall performance of any website.