Does disqus work in kartra?

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What about Kartra? Well, with Kartra, you will work on the reverse. Instead of thinking about creating a sales funnel, you will remember what you intend to achieve with the sales funnel. For example, in most cases, sales funnels end with a thank you page. On Kartra, you will start with a thank you page and work your way to the landing page.

What is Kartra? This is that softball question that tempts me to respond with quips like "It’s a work of art", or "It a game changer", or "It’s our digital baby".. I AM with @@birdwell:disqus.I have been waiting since I purchased Webinar jam studio 2.0 and this was a 90 day.

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Kartra is an eMarketing platform developed by Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins. The owners claim that Kartra will be a game changer due to its unique combination of essential marketing and eCommerce tools all under one software to help centralize your business operations.

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Disqus comments system. Issue #11454033 Assigned to Christian F. Open new issue.. flags option did you change to make Disqus work for you? I still find that it won’t load at all on some websites in Edge.. Help make the web just work! Identifying a root cause helps us resolve issues.

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For example, I’m aware that Kartra is being released in 2 months which promises VAT/ MOSS out of the box, so in my case (and I get I’m not your target customer), I will move my business to whatever platform can get this important piece implemented ASAP.