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building landing pages is just like building other parts of a Kajabi site, so all of the comments I made above about the building and design process apply to landing page generator as well. When I build Kajabi sites, I used the pages in this Page Builder section to create really nice looking page layouts for common pages on a site, like the.

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It consists of many pages like a landing page, an opt-in page, a thank you page, an upsell page and on and on and on.. Kajabi has a robust course building system with which you can set up the video course or articles and earn revenue from it, either by selling it for a fixed price or a.

Kajabi is a content marketing platform that allows anyone to easily sell content online. All the tools you need to start and manage your online business are here under one roof: a course creator to turn your content into digital products, a website to show off your store of digital products, sales tools to make getting paid for your content easy, landing pages to grow your audience, email.

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Do you know all of the different components that make up a Kajabi Landing Page?. It’s not just about designing the one page. Typically your sales or landing page will be part of a Pipeline or Funnel (really just fancy words for a couple of web pages, and some automations around them.)

I help build profitable online Courses, Landing Pages and Beautiful Websites using Kajabi. So. if you’re thinking about using Kajabi, or you already are, and you need to get your Course up, your Membership launched, or your Website built. then you’re totally in the RIGHT place!

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Creating An Online Course in Kajabi  · The most obvious step after starting a business is to streamline all marketing and sales activities to drive its expansion. In this age, beating the competition is a tad difficult, given the number of businesses mushrooming across industries – with the sole aim of offering services cost effectively.