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2) DKSpeaks DKSpeaks is a blog that cuts the jargons and technicalities of blogging and internet marketing and makes it all simple to understand so that anybody can become an internet entrepreneur.

About Leadpages. Leadpages software is a quick and easy landing page generator. It’s a popular way to build conversion-optimized, mobile-responsive landing pages. Agile CRM’s Leadpages Plugin helps you turn those conversions into real business.

If you do use WordPress, check out my essential launch list for plugins you should be using from day one. I read about 1 book a week, thanks to the motivation of several years of Goodreads challenges..

How To Create Stunning Landing Pages with Leadpages! Learn how to install LeadPages in WordPress with this step-by-step guide and video and start capturing leads.. Step 4: Click on WordPress and download the LeadPages WordPress plugin. This will download a zip file that you will need to upload in WordPress.

Wave.video also lets you upload your own content (photos, video, audio files) and then combine it with Wave.video clips to create unique branded videos.

UPDATE TO THIS post (january 2019): We released this guide over 8 years ago. Since then, we’ve updated it regularly with the latest information on WordPress speed optimization. When we first released this guide we got dozens of emails each month asking for help with wordpress speed problems and fixing slow wordpress websites so we ended up creating a service to address that.

Leadpages WordPress Plugin. This plugin allows you to access the numerous landing pages and Leadboxes you have made on your account.

The new LeadPages wordpress connector plugin The new WordPress plugin is just awesome. Although you could get around pretty well before, publishing content, customizing templates and adding them in your within minutes, with the news plug in there is a lot more that you can do.

A splash screen or splash page is the introduction page on a website. It welcomes your visitor for the upcoming product. Today, we’re introducing to you, a free HTML5 splash screen template.

Updated September 6, 2018. Are you wondering how to make money blogging? Several years ago I realized bloggers were making money. In some cases, they were making great money!